Summit Orthopedic Therapy
40 Washington Street, Suite 10
Wellesley Hills, MA 02481
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Welcome to Summit Orthopedic Therapy




Summit Orthopedic Therapy offers a full spectrum of orthopedic physical therapy, sportsmedicine physical therapy, and women's health physical therapy services.   At  Summit, it all begins with careful evaluation that results in a plan specifically designed to meet your goals.  

At Summit, you receive:

  • Expert care that incorporates the latest research.    
  • Focused, one-on-one treatment.    
  • Dedication to your outcome.
  • Commitment to satisfaction with the care you receive.  

Patients are encouraged to contact us so that we may discuss how Summit can help you overcome a nagging problem, recover from surgery, achieve the next level in performance, or safely resume fitness and wellness activities.  

Whether you need a few timely treatments or a comprehensive rehabilitation plan that puts all of the pieces together, Summit can help get you there.

For more information or to inquire about
 how we can help you, please email:

or call us at:










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